Tuesday, 4 February 2020

Can I Travel to India With Criminal Records?

In recent changes made to the Indian e-visa structure, you can apply for an e-business visa, e-tourist visa, and e-medical visa. And the tourists from 169 countries are eligible to apply for the Indian e tourist visa.

If you are looking for the information related to an Indian visa and how you can travel with your criminal record, you’ve found the right article. Today we will focus on how you can go to India with criminal records and what type of documentation is required for that.

Let’s get started.

The travelers are required to have at least six months' validity on their passport from the date of travel and at least two blank pages for the stamp. You must also have a return ticket and enough money to spend in India.

When you apply for the visa, you will be asked a few questions about your criminal records. You will need to provide that; those are questions related to criminal charges.

Are Countries Obligated to Share Information?

It is pretty common for countries to ask about your criminal charges back home. It can be done in the form of a questionnaire or ask you to submit the evidence for criminal charges.
But most countries don’t ask others to give out information about criminal charges. And they mostly rely on the information given by the applicant and official documents from back home. Many international organizations share the data with most countries, but the sharing is limited to a few selected cases and people.

Can You Travel to India With Criminal Record?

Yes, they can, and there is a new rule that was introduced back in 2018. Before that, they didn’t even ask about the criminal history of any traveler.

In 2018, after a few cases, the government had mended their rules and added a new questionnaire in the application form when you apply for an Indian e visa. We are not saying that you will be denied a visa to India, but now your criminal history will be taken into consideration before handing out the visa.

Here are the questions asked by Indian visa authorities when you are applying for e visa India.

  • Have you ever been arrested/prosecuted/convicted in any country?
  • Have you ever been denied entry into an airport in any country, including India?
  • Have you ever been engaged in cybercrime, terrorist activity, espionage, sabotage, or any other type of violence?
  • Have you ever engaged in human trafficking, child abuse, drug trafficking, financial frauds, or crimes against women?

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